For every special moment, there is a special location. Celebrate your civil wedding at the Corps de Logis: the magnificent Domed Hall offers a uniquely festive ambience for the most beautiful day of your life. Send us an enquiry via our convenient online form.

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Domed hall without seating with view into the garden hall.

Celebrate your civil wedding in the Domed Hall of the Corps de Logis. After the wedding, you have another 15 minutes to have your pictures taken in the Domed Hall.

Bright vestibule with chandelier and closed doors

The bride and groom can also have their pictures taken in the Vestibule after the wedding.

Wedding table in the domed hall above two unlit chandeliers

Enjoy the unsurpassed atmosphere of the Corps de Logis during your civil wedding with your family and friends.

View into the domed hall with several rows of chairs and illuminated chandeliers

Your wedding can be joined by two witnesses, a photographer and 30 additional guests.

Pink Western Garden Room in Bright Daylight

If you intend to allow for some extra time, you can book a separate photo shoot with your personal photographer inside the magnificent rooms of the Corps de Logis.


In collaboration with the City of Düsseldorf, Benrath Palace and Park Foundation offers civil weddings at the Palace.

Tie the knot within the circle of your loved ones in the Domed Hall, raise a glass of sparkling wine at the Palace Terrace or indulge in a celebration you will never forget in one of the elegant ceremonial halls or the quaint vaulted cellar of the Orangery.

In order to make your planning easier, you can book your preferred date twelve months in advance. Your date will be seconded by the Registry Office of Düsseldorf and reserved for you. Please remember that a direct registration at your local registry office is adamant and must be effective as of half a year prior to your wedding.

Your wedding can be joined by two witnesses, a photographer and 30 additional guests. After your wedding, you have another 15 minutes in the Domed Hall and the Vestibule for taking pictures. If you require more time, we suggest booking a separate photo shoot with your personal photographer.

After your wedding, the Palace Terrace will be reserved for you and your guests to raise a glass to this memorable day. Organize your own celebration or entrust our Palace Café with your ideas. Make your day even more perfect with a champagne reception in an unparalleled ambience.

Please note:
Due to monument protection, strewing flowers and rice as well as using drones is not permitted on the entire premises.

In the course of a general renovation, there may be isolated disruptions due to construction measures. Any scaffolding will probably only partially affect individual areas. However, the visual appearance of the Palace may be impaired in some areas.

Civil Wedding Times

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday | 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm

Information on Your Civil Wedding

  • Twelve months prior to your wedding: Send us your enquiry via our online form.
  • You will receive an e-mail notifying you that we have received your enquiry.
  • Your preferred date will be checked and seconded by the Register Office of Düsseldorf.
  • We will send you a confirmation of your preferred date including information on the procedure and costs.
  • As far as you do not cancel this date in written form, it will be reserved for your civil wedding at Benrath Palace.
  • Please register your wedding at your local registry office and let us know that your preferred date has been reserved.

Please contact: Standesamt Düsseldorf, Inselstraße 17, 40479 Düsseldorf.  
Phone: +49 211 - 8991                                                                                   
Only the Registry Office of Düsseldorf will be able to tell you which marriage registrar will be performing your ceremony.

If you don’t live in Düsseldorf, your documents will be forwarded to the Registry Office of Düsseldorf. Please make an appointment in good time. The wedding can only take place if all required documents are at hand.

  • We will send you a usage agreement via post which we kindly ask you to sign and send back to us.
  • Now, nothing should come between you and your dream wedding at Benrath Palace.


To a large extent, the Corps de Logis is accessible for wheelchairs. Wheelchair users can access the main entrance via an 80-cm wide cobblestone ramp. The wheels of the wheelchair must be cleaned on entry. As an alternative, a 45-cm wide in-house wheelchair is available.                                                                                                 
Please let us know in good time how many of your guests require a wheelchair, or else we might not be able to grant entry.


In order to protect pedestrians and cyclists on the premises, cars are not allowed on the Palace grounds as a general rule. Only the bride and groom are allowed to be taken to the outside staircase in front of the Palace by car at a crawl. Driving up the ramp or parking in front of the outside staircase is prohibited. For your stay, please park your car next to the Museum of Natural History and place your parking permit in the windscreen to make it clearly visible. If you are using a vintage car, please bring some sort of protection you can put under the car in order to keep oil from dripping onto the ground.

The forecourt of the Palace cannot be used as a parking lot for your wedding guests. Restricted parking is possible in the lot at the Orangery, Urdenbacher Allee 6. Further parking lots are in the vicinity of the Palace and in public car parks (e.g. Meliesallee, Benrodestraße, Hospitalstraße).

How to Behave When Aou Are Late for Your Wedding

Smaller delays have no larger effects. After a delay of 15 minutes, the marriage registrar is eligible to leave the Palace. In that case, you are no longer entitled to your wedding. If you are late by less than 15 minutes, your wedding can still take place. However, post-wedding photo shoots in the Palace might no longer be possible, as it might already be time for the follow-up wedding or a guided tour.

Guests who arrive late cannot be granted entry and have to wait outside. Please inform your guests to arrive in good time in order to avoid any inconvenience on your wedding day.

Flowers, Decorations and Special Surprises During the Wedding

Due to reasons of monument protection, flowers are not permitted as a decoration in the Palace. The bride bouquet is the only exception. Other decorative articles aren’t possible at the Palace either. Flowers will be arranged on the ceremony table.

The Palace is under monumental protection. That is why strewing flowers and throwing rice, confetti etc. is neither allowed in the Palace nor on the entire premises. Lighting sparklers and smoke-bombs is also prohibited. Any violation of the rules might lead to us billing you for any possible cleaning.

Candles, open fire, sparklers and flares are not allowed in the Palace and the entire Palace Park due to reasons of monumental and fire protection. In addition, you are not allowed to smoke in the Palace or to light any kind of fireworks in the Palace or on the premises. Balloons are also prohibited inside the Palace.

After the wedding, you are allowed to release balloons into the sky outside. Please note that they must not be filled with a flammable gas and not be attached to any metal or plastic items. Paper pendants must not be larger than DIN A6 (10.5 cm x 14.8 cm). Also, the balloons must be tied together to a bunch, and a maximum of 500 balloons must not be exceeded. Please keep a safe distance from buildings and trees, so the balloons can soar without any obstacle and don’t get stuck. Also mind the notes by DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH.

Doves You are allowed to release doves on the Palace Terrace after your wedding. However, these doves must have been bred by certified breeders, and the procedure must be registered at the Palace in written form. The breeder requires a Benrath Palace and Park parking permit in order to park her or his car in the forecourt of the Palace. Please inform her/him to apply for the parking permit at the Foundation.

Champagne Reception

Sharing a glass of champagne with your guests on the most beautiful day of your life is obligatory. Feel free to entrust our Palace Café with the planning and enjoy your champagne reception on one of our Palace terraces: An ambience you will always remember.

We offer you an all-round carefree package which takes your individual wishes into account.
You want to organize the champagne reception yourself? That’s no problem at all. Please contact us in good time.

In order to protect the lawn areas and tree-lined avenues, champagne receptions are not possible in these aforementioned places.


It goes without saying that you are allowed to have pictures taken of your wedding in the Palace. The marriage registrar, however, is allowed to apply restrictions during the wedding ceremony.

After the wedding, you have about 15 minutes for additional pictures in the Domed Hall and the Vestibule. Please provide for a photographer yourself. Of course, your guests are also allowed to take pictures.

Flash photography is not allowed in the Palace.
Your photographer is eligible to use a tripod if it is properly padded in order to protect the floor. Using drones for pictures and videos anywhere on the premises is prohibited.
The pictures you or your guests have taken are for private use only. Any commercial use is not allowed, especially not on your photographer’s website. Please inform your photographer about the rules that apply. If a commercial use is requested, you can obtain the rights separately. Don’t hesitate to contact us.


During your wedding, musical entertainment is of course possible. Musical contributions of up to five minutes are possible upon agreement. Please note to allow for a maximum of three musicians with portable acoustic instruments (violin, guitar, flute etc.). The musicians are not allowed to deposit anything on the floor.
Brought-in speakers, Bluetooth boxes or amplifiers are not allowed. Electric power cannot be provided. On request, Benrath Palace and Park Foundation will provide a suitable Bluetooth box for the historic rooms. Please note that an agreement in advance with Benrath Palace and Park Foundation as well as the registration office is stringently necessary.

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