In addition to the permanent exhibitions in the museums, the Benrath Palace and Park Foundation regularly presents special exhibitions, often with a thematic reference to the palace and its surroundings. This page gives you an overview of the current permanent and special exhibitions.

Current Special Exhibitions

The Hambach Forest and the Price of our Energy Supply
April 21, 2023 – December 3, 2023

The confrontations around the Hambach Forest in 2018 were of striking symbolism. Photographers pointedly portrayed the conflict and its underlying contradictions: on the one hand, squatters and demonstrators living in tree houses with the intention of saving the forest; on the other, police forces securing the legally regulated mining of lignite by RWE. This confrontation was complemented by images of the unconditional destruction of nature and the gigantic infrastructures of fossil energy production in devastated landscapes. In the end, the protest prevailed - the destruction of the forest was averted and the coal phase-out in North Rhine-Westphalia has now been fixed until 2030. In 2021, the Cologne Administrative Court ruled that the police's clearing of the forest was unlawful.

The exhibition at the Museum of Garden Art recapitulates the events, presents four photographic positions, and aims to inspire a new reflection on the conflict situation from hindsight and in the midst of a current crisis of energy supply and climate change.

More information about the special exhibition can be found here.

Neozoa. Animal Newcomers & Native Exotics
since March 2023

The exhibition at the Natural History Museum highlights the phenomenon of new citizens, so-called neozoa, which have left their original ranges due to human activity. In addition, the exhibition presents animals that immigrate independently, often favored by climate change, or were once extinct but have returned. Tracing the new citizens, climate migrants and returnees, the exhibition takes a look at the establishment of new - sometimes exotic - animal species in Germany.

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Current Permanent Exhibitions

Man’s View on Animals. Josef Pallenberg’s Animal Sculptures
since 2018

The Benrath Palace and Park Foundation is pleased to present the long-awaited exhibition on the life and works of Josef Pallenberg. The naturalistic animal sculptures of this outstanding Düsseldorf artist of the 20th century will not only be able to inspire art lovers.

You can find more information here.

Groundwater and Groundwater Remediation
since 2016

On November 14, 2016, the Benrath groundwater remediation plant was officially put into operation by Head of the Environment Department Helga Stulgies and the Deputy Head of the Environment Department. At the same time, a small exhibition by the Environmental Agency on the subject of groundwater and groundwater remediation was opened in the Natural History Museum. There, among other things, the newly constructed plant in the Schlosspark is placed in the overall remediation concept and the city's strategy for groundwater remediation is explained.

Preceding Special Exhibitions